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You Need an Engaged Facebook Page

To build your brand and sell your products or services you need an engaged group of people. Fans that “Like”, wow, comment, tag and share your content and business. A group of loyal fans that trust you, want to share your content and buy from you.

Okay, what else?

You Need to Build Your Audience: Your Messenger List

Out of your engaged Facebook page you build a growing audience via your Facebook Messenger List. It’s an email list on steroids. Facebook Messenger Lists have around 80–100% open rates and 50–100% click through rates, compared to email 15–50% open and 1–3% click through rate. The audience has value in itself. An engaged group of loyal fans which not only you communicate with, but they become your brand advocates and buy from you.

Average Open Rate: 23%
Average Click Thru Rate: 3.3%
Average Open Rate: 90%
Average Click Thru Rate: 30%

How We Do It

How We Do It

  1. Research and create “shareable stories” — videos, audios, images, news.
  2. Build marketing campaigns that grabs the Attention of potential clients, Interest them, makes them Desire your products and drive them to Action.
  3. Create Facebook Ads that target people who are interested in your products (different pages, demographics, countries, spending behavior). These ads are designed to make people engage on the Facebook page and subscribe to the Facebook Messenger List.
  4. Send messages to the list (broadcasting e.g. offer). Goal is to drive sales.
  5. When people start to share the content, there will be organic traffic coming to your Facebook page which will create more leads and more sales. The sales will be perpetual.

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The Old vs. New Way

The Old Way Versus the New Way (Proven Audience Formula)

The Old Way

  • Looks and feels like an infomercial
  • Probably used a six–figure budget
  • Only acquires a few comments
  • Only sees a handful of shares

The New “PAF” Way

Viral Video
  • Looks like a warm, personal video
  • Only cost a few dollars
  • Created a wave of organic shares and interaction
  • Became an Amazon Top 100 Seller in 3 weeks

Perpetual Sales Generating Machine Demo

We build a Machine to let you experience explosive growth delivered to your business and show you how to:

  1. Build an engaged Facebook page
  2. Build a Facebook audience
  3. Create sequences to get more customers/clients

Show Me a Messenger Demo…
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